Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I could begin and end by saying that Bryan and Megan are perfect for one another simply because they both love rock climbing and share an affinity for Red Stripe beer. But let me tell you the whole story.

When I first met Megan and Bryan during our consultation for their engagement session, I was struck by how adorably in love they truly were. They told me about their fears of being in front of the camera and said they thought they would likely be one of the more awkward couples I’ve photographed. But on the day of the shoot I quickly realized that what they feared as awkwardness was actually genuine love expressed in the purest sense, through their comfort in one another’s presence and their playful, good sense of humor, as can be seen in each and every one of their photos. They’re the type of rare couple that needed little direction in order for me to capture the love they share for one another.

I suppose you could say Megan and Bryan both had to climb a lot of mountains to finally find each other, but that would be a lame opening. So I won’t do that. But in any case, they did first meet at a rock climbing competition in San Luis Obispo. 

Megan was a newbie when it came to competitions while Bryan was an old pro who had been climbing most of his life. 

When Megan first saw Bryan, she immediately thought he was “crazy attractive,” and it really helped seal the deal for her when Bryan ended up winning the whole competition. I suppose you could say that she really did pick a winner, but that would also be rather corny. What sealed the deal for Bryan, on the other hand, was her butt, or so I’ve heard, anyway.

Since they were both interested in one another yet perhaps too afraid to say it at first, it was fortunate that they shared a few mutual friends, which always gave them a good excuse to hangout together until they were able to admit they really just liked being with one another.

The night of the competition Megan and Bryan’s mutual friends threw a party which brought them together for the first time. 

When Megan first walked through the door of the party she noticed right away a six-pack of Red Stripe beer. And upon seeing it, she immediately asked who had brought it, and—you guessed it—it was none other than Bryan who raised his hand. Megan quickly grabbed one of the oddly shaped little bottles and sat down right next Bryan. Hooray beer! 

After that they were allows looking for excuses to hang out together. Once, after a climbing trip with their mutual friends, Megan made sure to “accidentally” leave behind her climbing shoes at Bryan’s place just so she would have another excuse to go over and see him again. 

There first official date was a classy dinner and movie: Taco Bell, then on to the drive-in. 

There was never a certain instant when either of them knew that the other was the one; they were always just sort of in love, at least that’s how Megan explains it:

“I actually can’t point out the moment when I knew Bryan was the one because it never felt like he wasn’t. From the moment I met him we just kinda of fell into life together, and it was like we had been doing it forever. Being with him is so easy; It’s was like I never “fell” in love. I just was in love.”  —Megan

One of Megan’s favorite things about Bryan is how loved she feels when she is with him, like she is the luckiest, most accomplished, most beautiful woman in the world. Bryan loves how silly Megan can be how she doesn’t care what others people might think, and how they can be their most true selves together. He also loves how encouraging Megan is and how she always goes above and beyond.

It was truly a joy to be Megan and Bryan’s engagement photographer and to be around their infectious love for one another. I am honored and looking forward to being their wedding photographer for their ceremony and reception in where else but in the mountains of Paradise Springs of Oakhurst, California just outside of Yosemite National Park. 

Be sure and watch their love in action by my hubby himself! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Seri and Corbyn were high school friends and then sweethearts afterwards. About five years after graduation they reconnected in Mammoth and hit it off. And about a year after that they took the next big step and found a place together in Walnut Creek outside San Fransisco, where Seri works as an architect and Corbyn is going through Paramedic school in training to become a fire fighter. Shortly after moving in together, they decided to start a family with a fur-baby, their bundle of joy, Avery, a …. who they got as a Christmas for one another. Though Seri and Corbyn now call San Fransisco home, they want to come back and get married in the area where they both grew up and first met. I’m really looking forward to shooting their wedding at the beautiful Santa Margarita Ranch. Not only do I get to shoot at an amazing venue but I get to work with some awesome vendors! Colleen with Eventful Wedding Planning & Petals Floral Designs my talented sister. I can't wait!